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authorRalf Habacker <>2016-09-08 18:06:04 (GMT)
committerRalf Habacker <>2016-09-08 19:05:49 (GMT)
commit972a4253237b93dae76b18b6980eb8e8c1464ebf (patch)
parentcbef5268b98bef4d6cc8ded766a5ecc63b896b01 (diff)
Fix regression in type cast migration.
With commit a5f92b67494666e4e6779b1f2443b1a1df2b031d a regression has been introduced which removes UMLClassifier instances containing associations from their parent folder while loading from xmi file. On saving the uml model into a xmi file those instances are excluded because they are not in the parents object list (class member UMLPackage::m_objects). After (re)loading such files some LOST_xxxx items in the tree view indicates this issue. CCBUG:368282
1 files changed, 1 insertions, 1 deletions
diff --git a/umbrello/umlmodel/classifier.cpp b/umbrello/umlmodel/classifier.cpp
index ee010ca..2b7342d 100644
--- a/umbrello/umlmodel/classifier.cpp
+++ b/umbrello/umlmodel/classifier.cpp
@@ -703,7 +703,7 @@ bool UMLClassifier::resolveRef()
if (obj->resolveRef()) {
UMLClassifierListItem *cli = obj->asUMLClassifierListItem();
if (!cli)
- return false;
+ continue;
switch (cli->baseType()) {
case UMLObject::ot_Attribute:
emit attributeAdded(cli);