BranchCommit messageAuthorAge
2.3Fix SRUFetcher and url construction, regression from recent commitRobby Stephenson7 days
bug329677compileRobby Stephenson3 years
kf5-libkcddbUse new KF5Cddb target link libraries and header include.Leslie Zhai7 months
masterEnsure that Fetch Dialog size is remembered and honoredRobby Stephenson11 hours
v2.3.12commit 64abfc0c40...Robby Stephenson3 weeks
v3.0commit c362f3b23e...Robby Stephenson3 months
v2.9.92commit 55a6ee32f3...Robby Stephenson7 months
v2.9.91commit df5e49ad21...Robby Stephenson11 months
v2.3.11commit b6c6a1b567...Robby Stephenson15 months
v2.3.10commit 9b0b555125...Robby Stephenson2 years
v2.3.9commit 55dd070d8c...Robby Stephenson3 years
v2.3.8commit 3fe02b4561...Robby Stephenson4 years
v2.3.7commit 6a960cdcaa...Robby Stephenson4 years
v2.3.6commit 4ff81cbe1f...Robby Stephenson5 years
AgeCommit messageAuthor
11 hoursEnsure that Fetch Dialog size is remembered and honoredHEADmasterRobby Stephenson
11 hoursImprov AKA regexp in IMDB fetcherRobby Stephenson
12 hoursRemove crufty IMDB tests from non-US domainsRobby Stephenson
36 hoursUse correct dir for img links in HTML export with relative entry filesRobby Stephenson
40 hoursUnnecessary includeRobby Stephenson
7 daysUse Dublin Core identifier for SRU ISBN searches for DC resultsRobby Stephenson
7 daysFix SRUFetcher and url construction, regression from recent commitRobby Stephenson
8 daysImprove mods2tellico.xsl, following some COPAC SRU resultsRobby Stephenson
8 daysMerge branch 'master' of git:// Stephenson
8 daysUpdated mods2tellico.xsl to not read items within extension elementRobby Stephenson