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2016-06-30Fix documentation.HEADmasterAndreas Cord-Landwehr
2016-06-30Fix foreign key.Andreas Cord-Landwehr
2016-06-24Fix typoAndreas Cord-Landwehr
2016-05-22Use config variable from global scopeAndreas Cord-Landwehr
2012-05-30wrong foreign keyAaron Seigo
2012-05-30add a -v option for debuggingAaron Seigo
2012-05-30-f option forces a fresh scanAaron Seigo
2012-05-30If in debug mode, report some error if it couldn't connect to the databaseAleix Pol
2012-05-29ILIKE is a postgres extension; use LIKE for everyone elseAaron Seigo
2012-05-29make the number of items entry accurateAaron Seigo