BranchCommit messageAuthorAge
masteruse rpath only when neededRex Dieter4 years
v0.7.8commit 4ff3b6673e...Jos van den Oever5 years
v0.7.7commit b2447cc3ab...Jos van den Oever6 years
v0.7.6commit 10b14c24ad...Jos van den Oever6 years
v0.7.5commit a2f99f656c...Christophe Giboudeaux6 years
v0.7.2commit dc4bec6736...Sebastian Trueg8 years
v0.7.1commit dcd1cfd0f4...Jos van den Oever8 years
v0.7.0commit c1ce65f915...Jos van den Oever8 years
v0.6.5commit c17e674fde...Jos van den Oever8 years
v0.6.4commit b4a3d442c9...Jos van den Oever9 years
v0.6.3commit 747a96ce5a...Jos van den Oever9 years
AgeCommit messageAuthor
2014-01-01use rpath only when neededHEADmasterRex Dieter
2013-01-03Use GNUInstallDirs in order to install into lib64 automaticallyv0.7.8David Faure
2012-08-14C++11 fixes: do not specify the types for std::make_pair.Raphael Kubo da Costa
2012-08-14C++11: Separate literals and values with a space.Raphael Kubo da Costa
2012-08-14Include time.h for nanosleep(2)Raphael Kubo da Costa
2011-10-01Do not build searchclient if there is not Qt4.v0.7.7Jos van den Oever
2011-06-15Windows build fix. This will allow enabling strigiclient again in strigi/CMak...v0.7.6Christophe Giboudeaux
2011-04-23Improve the standalone detectionv0.7.5Christophe Giboudeaux
2011-03-02Disable htmlgui for windowsAndre Heinecke
2010-12-23Promote strigiclient.Christophe Giboudeaux