BranchCommit messageAuthorAge
Active/3use kwinactiveMarco Martin5 years
Active/TwoStart kdeinit before nepomuk, which improves start up and make kded moreLamarque V. Souza6 years
mart/kde-default-skelinclude setup-kde-skelMarco Martin6 years
masterAdded module enivronment variables debuggingIvan Čukić14 months
Active/4.0commit 1ec8f6ca37...Marco Martin4 years
Active/3.0commit 30d4a38c1f...Marco Martin5 years
Active/2.0commit 099221769e...Sebastian Kügler6 years
AgeCommit messageAuthor
2016-08-16Added module enivronment variables debuggingHEADmasterIvan Čukić
2016-08-16Adding IDE options to gitignoreIvan Čukić
2016-08-16Per-module environment variablesIvan Čukić
2016-07-11Starting X11 Plasma sessionIvan Čukić
2016-07-09Initial port to Qt 5Ivan Čukić
2013-12-12don't fiddle with KDEDIRSMarco Martin
2013-07-24don't start contour daemonActive/4.0Marco Martin
2013-01-24shouldn't be necessary to manually start maliit-serverMarco Martin
2013-01-21hide the cursorMarco Martin
2013-01-16apply the mouse cursor at startupMarco Martin