BranchCommit messageAuthorAge
Feature"Delete" and "Add property" are never activated in "Simulator" pageStephane Mankowski8 weeks
QMLRelease of Skrooge 2.4.0Stephane Mankowski10 months
ReportRelease of Skrooge 1.12.0Stephane Mankowski22 months
applytemplateBUG:341020Stephane Mankowski2 years
integration"Delete" and "Add property" are never activated in "Simulator" pageStephane Mankowski8 weeks
kf5Merge branch 'kf5' of kde:skroogeStephane Mankowski21 months
masterBetter performance in "Incomes vs Expenditures" dashboard widgetStephane Mankowski41 hours
nokdelibs4Remove linking against kdelibs4support, port away from KLocaleMartin T. H. Sandsmark8 months
plasma-dashboardMerge branch 'qt4' into plasma-dashboardStephane Mankowski21 months
qt4Merge branch 'qt4' of kde:skrooge into qt4Stephane Mankowski13 months
V2.7.0commit 0318fca522...Stephane Mankowski5 weeks
V2.6.0commit 8e26d1a1fc...Stephane Mankowski8 weeks
V2.5.0commit b4f7a2594e...Stephane Mankowski5 months
V2.4.0commit 175e85e2fc...Stephane Mankowski10 months
V2.3.0commit 6480805073...Stephane Mankowski12 months
V2.2.0commit fc9fe977b4...Stephane Mankowski15 months
V2.1.1commit f9383fda52...Stephane Mankowski18 months
V2.1.0commit 907c308774...Stephane Mankowski18 months
V2.0.0commit 413deb5062...Stephane Mankowski20 months
V1.12.5commit aaee51006f...Stephane Mankowski21 months
AgeCommit messageAuthor
41 hoursBetter performance in "Incomes vs Expenditures" dashboard widgetHEADmasterStephane Mankowski
4 daysSVN_SILENT made messages (.desktop file) - always resolve oursl10n daemon script
4 daysGIT_SILENT made messages (after extraction)l10n daemon script
4 daysclazyStephane Mankowski
5 daysRemove temporary file after backend importStephane Mankowski
7 daysNew screen captures for docsStephane Mankowski
7 daysNew "budget" dashboard widget in QMLStephane Mankowski
8 daysBad display in "5 main categories of expenditure" in QML dashboard widgetStephane Mankowski
8 daysRemove timeStephane Mankowski
8 daysAddition of "time" in all testsStephane Mankowski