BranchCommit messageAuthorAge
Plasma/5.4new bugzilla bitsJonathan Riddell22 months
fix-documentationverbosity--Harald Sitter2 years
gemspec-debugdebug++Harald Sitter8 weeks
kde-workspace-frameworkslibkscreen has a different versionJonathan Riddell3 years
kdelibs4Updating configuration for KBibTeX 0.6.2Thomas Fischer2 months
master5.10.0Jonathan Riddell18 hours
v2.4.3commit b782ba80d5...Lydia Pintscher6 years
AgeCommit messageAuthor
18 hours5.10.0HEADmasterJonathan Riddell
3 daysall froms return arrays, make overlay match that expectationHarald Sitter
3 dayslet project construction have partially nil fieldsHarald Sitter
3 daysfix from repo constructionHarald Sitter
4 daysmake sure delegate is loaded in ruby 2.1 and 2.2Harald Sitter
4 daysinstall gettext for stats requirementHarald Sitter
5 daysadd experimental api usage via env RELEASEME_PROJECTS_APIHarald Sitter
5 daysstyle++Harald Sitter
2017-05-11plymouth-kcmJonathan Riddell
2017-05-11better urlJonathan Riddell