BranchCommit messageAuthorAge
4.5Fix if() clause the same way 13ec1718 does.Raphael Kubo da Costa5 years
4.6remove testing scripts and move design docs into proper folderHarald Sitter4 years
4.7FindPhononInternal: Sync clang detection code with kdelibs.Raphael Kubo da Costa2 years
4.8*really* fix include issues, fix FTBFS qt-5.6.x linkageRex Dieter9 months
4.9change eol handling to not trigger static warningsHarald Sitter7 months
fiveFix install, video/videoplayer.h was removedCasian Andrei2 years
five-videoadd videoitem/surface stuffHarald Sitter3 years
masteruse cmake variables to check if QtDbus is enabledTakahiro Hashimoto3 months
qmlImplement proper negotiationHarald Sitter5 years
tdfischer/qzeitgeist-0.8Update qzeitgeist apiTrever Fischer5 years
v4.9.0commit 92adeaf285...Harald Sitter9 months
v4.8.3commit e08fdba6b6...Harald Sitter2 years
v4.8.2commit 05acd553d4...Harald Sitter2 years
v4.8.1commit f83d9259d0...Harald Sitter2 years
v4.8.0commit 45c8417b87...Harald Sitter2 years
v4.7.80commit 42af9090e1...Harald Sitter2 years
v4.7.2commit 87e4ff11ea...Harald Sitter3 years
v0.7.1commit 7670644bd2...Harald Sitter3 years
v4.7.1commit 73b5d9628f...Harald Sitter3 years
v4.7.0commit ce7a532f65...Harald Sitter3 years
AgeCommit messageAuthor
2016-10-25use cmake variables to check if QtDbus is enabledHEADmasterTakahiro Hashimoto
2016-06-20add kapidox thingy fileHarald Sitter
2016-06-08always forget the iface cascade. also expand template yet again...Harald Sitter
2016-06-08add a glorious new AO iface version 10 to forward category into backendHarald Sitter
2016-06-08bump master past patch version 50Harald Sitter
2016-06-08change eol handling to not trigger static warnings4.9Harald Sitter
2016-04-17s_pulseActive is used in PulseSupport::isUsable, so declare it outside #ifdef...v4.9.0Andrius da Costa Ribas
2016-04-15bump version to 4.9.0 for release prepHarald Sitter
2016-04-14rip out more nesting of setMuted and make PA active > iface9Harald Sitter
2016-04-14add more crap to deal with vlc not letting us do thingsHarald Sitter