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authorMiklós Máté <>2016-12-08 21:42:44 (GMT)
committerAlbert Astals Cid <>2016-12-08 21:42:44 (GMT)
commite81fb3d639400df03d47749e4c5532b32394b45c (patch)
parent1747b8b662557b8a0bf8e3806a104364045d7107 (diff)
Check all supported mime types the generator supports
Stopping on the first inherit match can prevent finding a perfect match, and thus we might enter a competition of inherit matches from other generators. Example: spectre supports application/postscript and image/x-eps. When opening an eps the app/ps is an inherit match, but so is text/plain from the txt generator. Thanks to stable_sort() the txt generator is deterministically selected from the above two inherit matches. Unless we continue and find the perfect match, which is spectre:image/x-eps. REVIEW: 129610
1 files changed, 0 insertions, 1 deletions
diff --git a/core/document.cpp b/core/document.cpp
index ff9253a..fcf50d6 100644
--- a/core/document.cpp
+++ b/core/document.cpp
@@ -2200,7 +2200,6 @@ KPluginMetaData DocumentPrivate::generatorForMimeType(const QMimeType& type, QWi
if (type.inherits(supported))
offers << md;
- break;