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authorAlbert Astals Cid <>2016-05-17 21:48:50 (GMT)
committerAlbert Astals Cid <>2016-05-17 21:50:55 (GMT)
commit18b4cababc796ba0c8bde4fc6f6f977678510956 (patch)
parent954c46ec46c348146321d8a791d0b4aba87b293f (diff)
Change kf5-warning text
Makes Thomas happier
1 files changed, 1 insertions, 12 deletions
diff --git a/shell/main.cpp b/shell/main.cpp
index ce3e283..856d2b0 100644
--- a/shell/main.cpp
+++ b/shell/main.cpp
@@ -82,18 +82,7 @@ int main(int argc, char** argv)
- // Make sure that if the user answered "No" and "Don't ask again"
- // he actually still has an option of answering Yes
- KMessageBox::ButtonCode result = KMessageBox::Yes;
- KMessageBox::shouldBeShownYesNo(QStringLiteral("frameworks_not_official"), result);
- if (result != KMessageBox::Yes) {
- KMessageBox::enableMessage(QStringLiteral("frameworks_not_official"));
- }
- if (KMessageBox::warningYesNo( 0, i18n("This is not an official release of Okular.\nIf you need the best possible Okular experience you should use the kdelibs4-based version instead of the version based on KDE Frameworks 5.\nIf you report bugs make sure you mark them with [frameworks] in the Summary and understand not official release bugs have less priority.\nDo you understand?"), QString(), KStandardGuiItem::yes(), KStandardGuiItem::no(), QStringLiteral("frameworks_not_official") ) != KMessageBox::Yes)
- {
- return 1;
- }
+ KMessageBox::information( 0, i18n("You are currently running a development build for the upcoming, KDE Frameworks-based version of Okular.\n\nPlease be aware that this version is not an official release and contains bugs which are not present in the officially released, kdelibs4-based version.\n\nIf you report bugs found in this development build, please put [frameworks] in the Summary field, and please understand that bugs in the officially released version take higher priority than those in this development version."), QString(), QStringLiteral("frameworks_not_official") );
return app.exec();