BranchCommit messageAuthorAge
masterremove obsolete X-Ubuntu-Gettext-Domain keyPino Toscano7 months
pam_promptRestore login animationDavid Edmundson5 years
previewShow a live preview in the KCMDavid Edmundson5 years
preview2Merge branch 'preview'David Edmundson5 years
v0.1Don't forget -a for "git tag"Aurélien Gâteau6 years
v0.2make classic theme more prettyRalf Jung6 years
v0.3SVN_SILENT made messages (.desktop file) - always resolve oursl10n daemon script5 months
v0.3.2.1commit 15ea367de9...David Edmundson5 years
v0.3.2commit 3dfca2bc2d...David Edmundson5 years
v0.3.1commit 5d3b8bbf9c...David Edmundson5 years
v0.3.0commit 6f96da84b3...David Edmundson6 years
v0.2.1commit 001ad6da99...David Edmundson6 years
v0.2.0commit 1ad1b1eebe...David Edmundson6 years
v0.1.1commit c68d59f3d8...Aurélien Gâteau6 years
0.1.0commit 33cc7e2add...Aurélien Gâteau6 years
lightdm-kde-0.1.0commit 9752b4b2c2...David Edmundson6 years
AgeCommit messageAuthor
2017-08-13remove obsolete X-Ubuntu-Gettext-Domain keyHEADmasterPino Toscano
2014-03-16i18n: windowTitle for tab page should not be translatableAlexander Potashev
2013-12-05Install a 40-lightdm-kde-greeter.conf since lightdm doesn't haveRohan Garg
2013-08-01FindQLightDM.cmake: Search for new liblightdm-qt-3 as well as old liblightdm-...Iain Lane
2013-04-20Added missing strings for nontranslateable filesVolkan Gezer
2013-03-29Don't search widgets in translucent, not all themes have widget thereHrvoje Senjan
2013-03-29Use the widget background for userbar panel and classic theme dialogHrvoje Senjan
2013-03-29Use PlasmaComponents.Label for login.TextHrvoje Senjan
2013-03-17Fix top level marginsDavid Edmundson
2013-03-17Add icon on install theme buttonDavid Edmundson