BranchCommit messageAuthorAge
1.0Fix deadlock in µTP codeJoris6 years
1.1Prepare for 1.1.3Joris Guisson6 years
1.2Fix compile error in ktorrent due to missing functionJoris Guisson5 years
1.3Fix bug causing authenticated peers not to get acceptedJoris Guisson4 years
2.0Update PeerID client identificationsPino Toscano5 months
masterPeerID: identify version numbers greater than 9Pino Toscano3 weeks
v1.3.1commit 97c6bb7547...Joris Guisson4 years
v1.3.0commit f7883352d7...Joris Guisson5 years
v1.3rc1commit dcd106e7e8...Joris Guisson5 years
v1.2.1-2commit bbb9d0ffd3...Joris Guisson5 years
v1.2.1commit b1aea416c8...Joris Guisson5 years
v1.2.0commit d285dad197...Joris Guisson5 years
v1.2rc1commit 991a01a9ff...Joris Guisson5 years
v1.1.3commit f8e6cf6a32...Joris Guisson6 years
v1.1.2commit fe7a2defee...Joris Guisson6 years
v1.1.1commit 0b967c5281...Joris Guisson6 years
AgeCommit messageAuthor
2017-05-07PeerID: identify version numbers greater than 9HEADmasterPino Toscano
2017-05-07PeerID: remove 4th digit from AZ-style versionPino Toscano
2017-04-17small improvements to PeerID identificationsPino Toscano
2017-04-05fix DHT::addDHTNode()Alexander Trufanov
2017-04-05fix HTTP Proxy usageAlexander Trufanov
2017-01-15Make BigInt destructor non-virtual.Andrius Štikonas
2017-01-12micro optimizationsJaime Torres Amate
2017-01-11util/decompressfilejob: Use QMimeDatabase::mimeTypeForFile to determine compr...Luke Dashjr
2016-12-25Merge remote-tracking branch 'origin/2.0'Pino Toscano
2016-12-25Update PeerID client identifications2.0Pino Toscano