BranchCommit messageAuthorAge
1.9Fix compilation, the headers like bluedevil/bluedevil_export.h were not foundDavid Faure5 years
Plasma/5.2Update version number for 5.2.2Jonathan Riddell3 years
bluez5Add Manager::devices, which returns all devices from all adaptorsÀlex Fiestas4 years
frameworksOnly delete adapter when removed from m_adapters hashDavid Rosca3 years
masterOnly delete adapter when removed from m_adapters hashDavid Rosca3 years
stableFollow coding convention and merge ifRafael Fernández López7 years
unstableSimplify API. Remove deviceForUBI.Rafael Fernández López7 years
v5.2.2commit 3e33e94f2b...Jonathan Riddell3 years
v5.2.1commit 91a75e9fa4...Jonathan Riddell3 years
v5.2.0commit 2bf3525614...Jonathan Riddell3 years
v5.1.95commit 590ed586b9...Jonathan Riddell3 years
v2.1commit 8d177d5d9f...David Rosca3 years
v2.0commit c9c115146b...David Rosca3 years
v2.0-rc1commit 5c30d17e19...Àlex Fiestas4 years
v1.9.4commit a00d348760...Àlex Fiestas5 years
v1.9.3commit 0fa1e2bebe...Àlex Fiestas5 years
v1.9.2commit 4c1247c318...Alex Fiestas6 years
AgeCommit messageAuthor
2015-05-05Only delete adapter when removed from m_adapters hashHEADmasterDavid Rosca
2015-04-27Delete adapter only after all devices from the adapter were removedDavid Rosca
2014-12-27Adapter: Add back alias() and setAlias() for binary compatibilityDavid Rosca
2014-12-22Bump version number to 2.1v2.1David Rosca
2014-12-13Adapter::name() now returns alias of adapterDavid Rosca
2014-11-14Check adapter for nullptr in interfacesAdded/interfacesRemoved slotsv2.0David Rosca
2014-11-14Use GNUInstallDirs instead of creating a custom LIB_INSTALL_DIRSebastian Kügler
2014-09-28docs: fix apidox generation, and tag file handlingPino Toscano
2014-09-28remove qt4 tag filePino Toscano
2014-03-09Do not set m_usableAdapter in findUsableAdapterÀlex Fiestas