BranchCommit messageAuthorAge
mart/kwin/backgroundContrast2only pass the 3 color propertiesMarco Martin3 years
masterUpgrade KF5 version to 5.33.0.l10n daemon script3 weeks
v5.32.0tag 487304ec27...l10n daemon script3 weeks
v5.32.0-rc1commit e5073fcd10...l10n daemon script4 weeks
v5.31.0tag 0ad7c6dda7...l10n daemon script7 weeks
v5.31.0-rc1commit 32a628b2d8...l10n daemon script7 weeks
v5.30.0tag b19519e979...l10n daemon script2 months
v5.30.0-rc1commit 26a2ac5ac1...l10n daemon script3 months
v5.29.0tag 28d7a1e708...l10n daemon script4 months
v5.29.0-rc1commit 55df7d04cb...l10n daemon script4 months
v5.28.0tag 8e48cfacee...l10n daemon script4 months
v5.28.0-rc1commit 538fbd91a0...l10n daemon script5 months
AgeCommit messageAuthor
2017-03-11Upgrade KF5 version to 5.33.0.HEADmasterl10n daemon script
2017-03-03Upgrade ECM and KF5 version requirements for 5.32.0 release.l10n daemon script
2017-02-11Upgrade KF5 version to 5.32.0.l10n daemon script
2017-02-04Upgrade ECM and KF5 version requirements for 5.31.0 release.l10n daemon script
2017-02-04Upgrade Qt5 version requirement to 5.6.0.l10n daemon script
2017-01-16Prefer nullptr over Q_NULLPTRKevin Funk
2017-01-16Use nullptr everywhereKevin Funk
2017-01-16Add missing Q_DECL_OVERRIDEKevin Funk
2017-01-15Allow Tab as being modified by ShiftRoman Gilg
2017-01-14Upgrade KF5 version to 5.31.0.l10n daemon script