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authorMartin Gräßlin <>2016-09-12 08:42:36 (GMT)
committerMartin Gräßlin <>2016-09-12 11:13:17 (GMT)
commite9e936b6c1bde338fb51ea3ada0897ad70055c44 (patch)
parent28d56ef0d0da45f155e8b18137c61727e4b857ad (diff)
[kwinglutils] Skip ShaderManager::selfTest for NVIDIA Quadro hardware
Summary: The self test fails with NVDIDA 370.23 or newer on Quadro hardware. Most likely there is a bug in our code as the same things work later on. But without the hardware we are not able to reproduce and investigate properly. Given that all we currently can do is to skip the self test. We encourage users to investigate this properly and to help us to identify the root issue, so that we can fix it. CCBUG: 367766 Reviewers: #kwin Subscribers: kwin Tags: #kwin Differential Revision:
1 files changed, 4 insertions, 0 deletions
diff --git a/libkwineffects/kwinglutils.cpp b/libkwineffects/kwinglutils.cpp
index bd84db7..4893013 100644
--- a/libkwineffects/kwinglutils.cpp
+++ b/libkwineffects/kwinglutils.cpp
@@ -706,6 +706,10 @@ bool ShaderManager::selfTest()
qCWarning(LIBKWINGLUTILS) << "Framebuffer objects not supported - skipping shader tests";
return true;
+ if (GLPlatform::instance()->isNvidia() && GLPlatform::instance()->glRendererString().contains("Quadro")) {
+ qCWarning(LIBKWINGLUTILS) << "Skipping self test as it is reported to return false positive results on Quadro hardware";
+ return true;
+ }
// Create the source texture
QImage image(2, 2, QImage::Format_ARGB32_Premultiplied);