BranchCommit messageAuthorAge
masterSet enable_blur_behind hint on demand.David Edmundson27 hours
removeicon1Remove top right icon from KPageViewGregor Mi3 years
v5.40.0tag f73ecb4945...l10n daemon script11 days
v5.40.0-rc1commit 842aa31ae4...l10n daemon script2 weeks
v5.39.0tag 7a624de630...l10n daemon script6 weeks
v5.39.0-rc1commit 8e8852776e...l10n daemon script7 weeks
v5.38.0tag 5fe6d967f4...l10n daemon script2 months
v5.38.0-rc1commit 88cfbcf119...l10n daemon script3 months
v5.37.0tag 3e421a96f1...l10n daemon script3 months
v5.37.0-rc1commit 30e8e833c0...l10n daemon script4 months
v5.36.0tag 9f4ca3a95d...l10n daemon script5 months
v5.36.0-rc1commit a83bc8b1c6...l10n daemon script5 months
AgeCommit messageAuthor
27 hoursSet enable_blur_behind hint on demand.HEADmasterDavid Edmundson
3 daysKDateComboBox: port to Qt5 connect syntax, remove Q_PRIVATE_SLOTs.David Faure
3 daysautotests: replace member with local scoped pointerDavid Faure
10 daysGIT_SILENT Upgrade KF5 version to 5.41.0.l10n daemon script
2017-11-07KPageListView: Update width on font changeAlexander Volkov
2017-11-04GIT_SILENT Upgrade ECM and KF5 version requirements for 5.40.0 release.l10n daemon script
2017-11-03fix createKMessageBox focus widget inconsistencyEmirald Mateli
2017-10-31GIT_SILENT Upgrade KF5 version to 5.40.0.l10n daemon script
2017-10-27more compact password dialogR.J.V. Bertin
2017-10-15Unbreak build: Add missing QScrollBar includeFriedrich W. H. Kossebau