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@@ -174,7 +174,7 @@ wallet to use as default</guilabel> combobox.
-<para>Alternativly use <guimenuitem>Import a wallet</guimenuitem>
+<para>Alternatively use <guimenuitem>Import a wallet</guimenuitem>
but in that case you have to select the <filename class="extension">.kwl</filename> file corresponding
to your old wallet, located in the folder <filename class="directory">kwalletd</filename>
in <userinput>qtpaths --paths GenericDataLocation</userinput>.
@@ -351,7 +351,7 @@ locations.</para>
<para>If you want to transfer your secrets to another device or computer use
the actions in the <guimenu>File</guimenu> menu. With <guimenuitem>Export as encrypted</guimenuitem>
wallets can be exported into an encrypted archive file.
-Importing this archive file with <guimenuitem>import encrypted</guimenuitem>
+Importing this archive file with <guimenuitem>Import encrypted</guimenuitem>
you have to provide the master password of the wallet.
<para>Alternatively a <filename class="extension">.xml</filename> file can be used for transferring