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Update/proofread KTouch docbooks for kf5
handbook: bump date+releaseinfo fix some menu strings use link to fundamentals for Help menu manpage: bump date+releaseinfo update options use education instead of edutainment add kf5options + qt5options add some icon pngs REVIEW:129310
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-<releaseinfo>&ktouch; 2.3.0 (Applications 15.12)</releaseinfo>
+<releaseinfo>Applications 16.12</releaseinfo>
<para>&i18n-ktouch; is a program for learning to touch type. &i18n-ktouch;
@@ -110,7 +110,7 @@ at the keyboard all the time to find the right keys which slows you down a lot.
-<para>In its current version, &i18n-ktouch; 2.2 has quite a number of
+<para>In its current version, &i18n-ktouch; has quite a number of
features, such as:</para>
<listitem><simpara>Ships with dozens different courses in many
@@ -228,7 +228,7 @@ On some platforms, especially on &Microsoft; &Windows;, automatic keyboard layou
detection is not available. In that case you have to click on the <inlinemediaobject>
<imageobject> <imagedata fileref="Icon-configure.png" format="PNG"/>
</imageobject> </inlinemediaobject> button in the toolbar, select <guisubmenu>
-Choose Keyboard Layout...</guisubmenu> submenu and choose the name of keyboard
+Configure Keyboard...</guisubmenu> submenu and choose the name of keyboard
layout or some keyboard layout which is similar to yours. If your keyboard is
not included, you can define your own keyboard layout yourself, see <xref
@@ -468,7 +468,7 @@ with some actions
-<term><guimenuitem>Configure keyboard layout...</guimenuitem></term>
+<term><guimenuitem>Configure Keyboard...</guimenuitem></term>
<listitem><para>A shortcut to the &systemsettings;
module to configure the keyboard settings. Useful to prepare for training on
a different keyboard layout.
@@ -485,7 +485,10 @@ with a submenu to select &i18n-ktouch;'s keyboard layout manually.
+&i18n-ktouch; has the common &kde; <guimenu>Help</guimenu> menu item, for more information read the section
+about the <ulink url="help:/fundamentals/ui.html#menus-help">Help Menu</ulink> of the &kde; Fundamentals.
<sect3 id="configuration_dialog">
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@@ -9,8 +9,8 @@
<contrib>KTouch man page.</contrib>
-<releaseinfo>&ktouch; 2.3.0 (Applications 15.12)</releaseinfo>
+<releaseinfo>&ktouch; 2.3.0 (Applications 16.12)</releaseinfo>
<productname>KDE Applications</productname>
@@ -27,8 +27,8 @@
-<group choice="opt"><option>URL</option></group>
-<arg choice="opt">options</arg>
+<group choice="opt"><option>--resource-editor</option></group>
+<group choice="opt"><option>-I --import-path</option> <replaceable>path</replaceable></group>
@@ -40,7 +40,7 @@ the keyboard with associated keys to press.</para>
<para>&ktouch; helps you learn to touch type by providing you with text to
train on, and adjusts to different levels depending on how good you are. It
can display which key to press next, and correct finger to use.</para>
-<para>This application is part of the official &kde; edutainment
+<para>This application is part of the official &kde; education
@@ -48,27 +48,31 @@ module.</para>
<title>KTouch Options</title>
-<listitem><para>Use a QGLWidget for the viewport.</para></listitem>
<listitem><para>Launch the course and keyboard layout editor.</para></listitem>
+<term><option>-I --import-path</option> <replaceable>path</replaceable></term>
+<listitem><para>Prepend the path to the list of QML import paths.</para></listitem>
<title>See Also</title>
-<para>More detailed user documentation is available from <ulink
+<member>More detailed user documentation is available from <ulink
(either enter this <acronym>URL</acronym> into &konqueror;, or run
+<member>kf5options(7)</member> <!-- only for application with a GUI-->
+<member>qt5options(7)</member> <!-- only for application with a GUI-->
+<member>There is also further information available at the <ulink
+url="http://edu.kde.org/ktouch/">&kde; education website</ulink>.</member>
-<para>There is also further information available at the <ulink
-url="http://edu.kde.org/ktouch/">&kde; edutainment website</ulink>.</para>