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New screenshot for pointing out KStars Horizon, Celestial Equator and Ecliptic curves on the Sky Map
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@@ -137,6 +137,29 @@ that the Sun appears to follow across the sky over the course of a
year. The Sun is always found somewhere along the Ecliptic, and the
planets are never far from it.
+You can configure &kstars; to draw or not the celestial equator and Ecliptic curves
+on the Sky Map using the
+<menuchoice><guimenu>Settings</guimenu><guisubmenu>Configure KStars</guisubmenu></menuchoice> submenu.
+Select the <guimenu>Guides</guimenu> tab and check/uncheck the <guilabel>Celestial equator</guilabel>
+and <guilabel>Ecliptic</guilabel> check boxes. You can also configure which colors &kstars; uses for
+drawing these curves, using the <guimenu>Colors</guimenu> tab.
+Here is a screenshot of the &kstars; main window, focusing on horizon,
+celestial equator and Ecliptic curves:
+ <imageobject>
+ <imagedata fileref="kstars_horizon.png" format="PNG"/>
+ </imageobject>
+ <textobject>
+ <phrase>KStars Window</phrase>
+ </textobject>
<sect1 id="skyobjects">