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authorJasem Mutlaq <>2016-09-11 22:14:41 (GMT)
committerJasem Mutlaq <>2016-09-11 22:14:41 (GMT)
commit61283b4455c40648878616c6d3cd4aab98993665 (patch)
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Add Dark Library options and moved some seldom used options away from Ekos to reduce clutter to the settings screen instead
1 files changed, 24 insertions, 15 deletions
diff --git a/kstars/kstars.kcfg b/kstars/kstars.kcfg
index c4f34b6..3f4d605 100644
--- a/kstars/kstars.kcfg
+++ b/kstars/kstars.kcfg
@@ -133,7 +133,7 @@
- <group name="indi">
+ <group name="indi">
<entry name="useGeographicUpdate" type="Bool">
<label>Automatically updates geographic location?</label>
@@ -155,7 +155,7 @@
<label>Display INDI messages in the statusbar?</label>
<whatsthis>Toggle display of INDI messages in the KStars statusbar.</whatsthis>
- </entry>
+ </entry>
<entry name="useComputerSource" type="Bool">
<label>Use computer time and location for synchronization?</label>
@@ -1221,7 +1221,7 @@
<label>Log debug message to a log file</label>
<whatsthis>Checking this option causes KStars log debug messages to a log file as specified.</whatsthis>
- </entry>
+ </entry>
<entry name="FITSLogging" type="Bool">
<whatsthis>Log FITS Data activity.</whatsthis>
@@ -1341,6 +1341,16 @@
<label>Use JPEG format, instead of FITS, to upload images to the online service.</label>
+ <entry name="MaxDarkTemperatureDiff" type="Double">
+ <label>Maximum acceptable difference between current and recorded dark frame temperature set point. When the difference exceeds this value, a new dark frame shall be captured for this set point.</label>
+ <default>1</default>
+ </entry>
+ <entry name="shutterfulCCDs" type="StringList">
+ <label>List of CCDs with mechanical or electronic shutters.</label>
+ </entry>
+ <entry name="shutterlessCCDs" type="StringList">
+ <label>List of CCDs without mechanical or electronic shutters.</label>
+ </entry>
<group name="Mount">
<entry name="MinimumAltLimit" type="Double">
@@ -1506,16 +1516,11 @@
<whatsthis>Specifies exposure value of CCD in seconds when performing plate solving.</whatsthis>
- <entry name="SolverXBin" type="UInt">
- <label>Default CCD X binning while in alignment mode</label>
- <whatsthis>Set horizontal binning of CCD camera while in alignment mode.</whatsthis>
+ <entry name="SolverBinningIndex" type="UInt">
+ <label>Default CCD binning index while in alignment mode</label>
+ <whatsthis>Set binning index of CCD camera while in alignment mode. Default values 0-3 corresponding to 1x1 to 4x4 binning</whatsthis>
- <entry name="SolverYBin" type="UInt">
- <label>Default CCD Y binning while in alignment mode</label>
- <whatsthis>Set vertical binning of CCD camera while in alignment mode.</whatsthis>
- <default>1</default>
- </entry>
<entry name="SolverUpdateCoords" type="Bool">
<label>Update Solver RA and DEC search coordinates.</label>
<whatsthis>Automatically update the solver RA and Declination coordinates after telescope slew is completed.</whatsthis>
@@ -1526,6 +1531,10 @@
<whatsthis>Display captured image in FITS Viewer before starting the plate solving process.</whatsthis>
+ <entry name="SolverVerbose" type="Bool">
+ <whatsthis>Display detailed verbose messages of the astrometry solver process while in progress.</whatsthis>
+ <default>false</default>
+ </entry>
<entry name="SolverType" type="UInt">
<label>Set solver type (online, offline, remote).</label>
@@ -1541,7 +1550,7 @@
<label>Action to take if solver if successful (Sync, Slew to Target, or None)</label>
- <entry name="WCSAlign" type="Bool">
+ <entry name="SolverWCS" type="Bool">
<label>World Coordinate System (WCS). WCS is used to encode RA/DEC coordinates in captured CCD images.</label>
@@ -1592,13 +1601,13 @@
<entry name="PHD2Port" type="UInt">
<label>PHD2 Event Monitoring Port</label>
- </entry>
+ </entry>
<entry name="CalibrationPulseDuration" type="UInt">
<label>Pulse duration in milliseconds used for guiding pulses during calibration stage.</label>
- <entry name="CalibrationSquareSizeIndex" type="UInt">
- <label>Calibration square size index (0 to 4) corresponding to pixel sizes (8 to 128).</label>
+ <entry name="GuideSquareSizeIndex" type="UInt">
+ <label>Guide square size index (0 to 4) corresponding to pixel sizes (8 to 128).</label>
<entry name="UseAutoMode" type="Bool">