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authorAkarsh Simha <>2016-08-16 08:28:29 (GMT)
committerAkarsh Simha <>2016-08-16 08:28:29 (GMT)
commit4dbb0be1ed57ff3e542eacc93855feb225d599f9 (patch)
parent613284dd21a623d2cd2fb58677711d81bf2fbcaa (diff)
Remove unused / unimplemented methods from CatalogComponent
1 files changed, 1 insertions, 24 deletions
diff --git a/kstars/skycomponents/catalogcomponent.h b/kstars/skycomponents/catalogcomponent.h
index 3d45dc4..4d0e679 100644
--- a/kstars/skycomponents/catalogcomponent.h
+++ b/kstars/skycomponents/catalogcomponent.h
@@ -82,30 +82,7 @@ private:
/** @short Load data into custom catalog */
void loadData();
- /** @short Read data for existing custom catalogs from disk
- * @return true if catalog data was successfully read
- */
- bool readCustomCatalogs();
- /**
- *@short Remove a catalog rom the program
- *@p i The index of the catalog to be removed
- *@return true if catalog was successfully removed
- */
- bool removeCatalog( int i );
- /**
- *@short Process a line from a custom data file
- *@p lnum the line number being processed (used for error reporting)
- *@p d QStringList containing the data fields in the current line
- *@p Columns QStringList containing the column descriptors for the catalog (read from header)
- *@p Prefix The prefix string for naming objects in this catalog (read from header)
- *@p objList reference to the QList of SkyObjects to which we will add the parsed object
- *@p showerrs if true, parse errors will be logged and reported
- *@p errs reference to the string list containing the parse errors encountered
- */
- bool processCustomDataLine(int lnum, const QStringList &d, const QStringList &Columns,
- bool showerrs, QStringList &errs);
+ // FIXME: There is no way to remove catalogs from the program.
* @brief Returns true if this catalog is to be drawn