BranchCommit messageAuthorAge
masterGIT_SILENT Upgrade KF5 version to 5.43.0.l10n daemon script2 days
work/mirko-fix-assert-krunnerWhen assiging a queue policy, the mutex of the job must be held.Mirko Boehm (Endocode)4 years
v5.42.0tag 85299e2a8a...l10n daemon script26 hours
v5.42.0-rc1commit a630125d5d...l10n daemon script10 days
v5.41.0tag 731ba30e9b...l10n daemon script5 weeks
v5.41.0-rc1commit f146f5fbeb...l10n daemon script7 weeks
v5.40.0tag 8a245f8bce...l10n daemon script2 months
v5.40.0-rc1commit 2781bcb008...l10n daemon script2 months
v5.39.0tag e3e01a19d9...l10n daemon script3 months
v5.39.0-rc1commit e8c1245a0c...l10n daemon script3 months
v5.38.0tag c9d0650e3f...l10n daemon script4 months
v5.38.0-rc1commit f2c096192f...l10n daemon script4 months
AgeCommit messageAuthor
2 daysGIT_SILENT Upgrade KF5 version to 5.43.0.HEADmasterl10n daemon script
12 daysGIT_SILENT Upgrade ECM and KF5 version requirements for 5.42.0 release.v5.42.0-rc1v5.42.0l10n daemon script
12 daysRemove obsolete reviewboardrc fileLaurent Montel
2017-12-23Prevent cmake 3.10+ warning with moc & K_EXPORT_PLASMA_RUNNER/RUNNER_CONFIG"Friedrich W. H. Kossebau
2017-12-23Remove unneeded moc includeFriedrich W. H. Kossebau
2017-12-10GIT_SILENT Upgrade KF5 version to 5.42.0.l10n daemon script
2017-12-07[RunnerManager] Don't mess with ThreadWeaver thread countKai Uwe Broulik
2017-12-02GIT_SILENT Upgrade ECM and KF5 version requirements for 5.41.0 release.v5.41.0-rc1v5.41.0l10n daemon script
2017-11-30Fix some clazy wrningMontel Laurent
2017-11-30Autogenerate it tooMontel Laurent