BranchCommit messageAuthorAge
akapustin/dithering2Rework gradient cache. Add noise for gradientsAlexey Kapustin4 hours
eliakinalmeida/T4551-interactive-python-scriptingMerge branch 'master' into eliakinalmeida/T4551-interactive-python-scriptingBoudewijn Rempt13 hours
jospin/unit_spin_boxesRefactor the layersize dialog.Laurent Valentin Jospin13 hours
kazakov/svg-loadingMerge branch 'master' into kazakov/svg-loadingBoudewijn Rempt37 hours
krita/3.1BUG:376262 Don't translate the lens blur shape namesBoudewijn Rempt6 hours
masterfix typo with slot nameScott Petrovic29 min.
rempt-T124-stacked-brushMerge branch 'master' into rempt-T124-stacked-brushBoudewijn Rempt3 weeks
rempt/T1625-python-scriptingMerge branch 'master' into rempt/T1625-python-scriptingBoudewijn Rempt4 weeks
rempt/T4121-improve-palette-formatMerge branch 'master' into rempt/T4121-improve-palette-formatWolthera van Hovell tot Westerflier5 days
rempt/bug-375253Add debug infoBoudewijn Rempt6 weeks
v3.1.2.1commit c349f45cb3...Boudewijn Rempt4 weeks
v3.1.2.0commit f9b083910f...Boudewijn Rempt5 weeks
v3.1.1commit 1767e29f18...Boudewijn Rempt2 months
v3.1.0commit 66903e092d...Boudewijn Rempt3 months
v3.0.96commit 1c06cfc90f...Boudewijn Rempt3 months
v3.0.95commit 15888ba4f9...Boudewijn Rempt3 months
v3.0.94commit a4bf4835af...Boudewijn Rempt3 months
v3.0.93commit 37b7162068...Boudewijn Rempt3 months
v3.0.92commit de5852d8ad...Boudewijn Rempt4 months
v3.0.91commit d094c4eaa9...Boudewijn Rempt4 months
AgeCommit messageAuthor
29 min.fix typo with slot nameHEADmasterScott Petrovic
6 hoursBUG:376262 Don't translate the lens blur shape namesBoudewijn Rempt
6 hoursAdd ellipises: this filter has a dialogBoudewijn Rempt
7 hoursRemove debugging line & improve messageBoudewijn Rempt
7 hoursThe 32 bits warning makes no sense for OSXBoudewijn Rempt
8 hoursRestore the OpenGL crash detectionBoudewijn Rempt
10 hoursMake it possible to shift-drag the brushsize beyond 1000Boudewijn Rempt
11 hoursSaving masks actually is not supported yet.Boudewijn Rempt
11 hoursChange the tooltip: play is play/stop, not play/pauseBoudewijn Rempt
14 hoursDelete KisView on closing a view.Boudewijn Rempt