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@@ -163,14 +163,14 @@ The address is just a hint - you can use any address that can
reach your computer. &krfb; tries to guess your address from your
network configuration, but does not always succeed in doing so.
If your computer is behind a firewall it may have a different
-address or be unreachable for other computers
+address or be unreachable for other computers.
You can change the port on the <guilabel>Network</guilabel>
page in the configuration dialog.
-The next field is prefilled with an automatical generated password.
+The next field is prefilled with an automatically generated password.
Click in the icon at the right of the field to change the password.
@@ -296,7 +296,7 @@ the correct port.
The <guilabel>Security</guilabel> page allows you to configure whether the
-person connecting to the &krfb; servercan control the desktop, or only view.
+person connecting to the &krfb; server can control the desktop, or only view.