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Add build instructions for compiling this(kf5) branch as of now
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@@ -80,3 +80,20 @@ course up to you to decide, but we strongly recommend to not install
source-compiled packages like Kopete in directories that are managed
by a package manager and only use the KDE prefix if you compiled all
of KDE from source yourself.
+Building the KF5 branch of Kopete
+If you are looking to build/compile the KF5 version of Kopete,
+please note that it is still bit of a WIP. Most of it works but,
+there are a few protocols that are still broken.
+They are:
+ 1. SMS
+ 2. QQ
+ 3. winpopup
+ 4. Bonjour
+ 5. Skype
+Kopete will fail to build unless you either fix them or disable them
+in the protocols/CMakeLists.txt file in this repo.