BranchCommit messageAuthorAge
1.3.1reformulation of cbe876c for v1.3.1eli mackenzie6 years
1.4use correct integer size for pointersPatrick Spendrin5 years
1.5Update changelogEike Hein12 days
1.6Merge branch '1.5' into 1.6Eike Hein12 days
1.7Adjust for dev.Eike Hein7 days
colorthemeSimple color theme handlingPeter Simonsson11 months
masterGIT_SILENT made messages (after extraction)l10n daemon script9 days
wip/qtquickStricter.Eike Hein14 days
wip/qtquick-c++11Set CXX min version to C++11, fix warningsOleg Chernovskiy3 weeks
wip/qtquick-colorcontextTry out the new Kirigami.ColorScopeEike Hein2 months
v1.7.4commit 81ae9a42e3...Eike Hein7 days
v1.7.3commit ada9f4af2d...Eike Hein12 days
v1.7.2commit ad1ef141ce...Eike Hein6 months
v1.7.1commit 6aa9e63eb1...Eike Hein6 months
v1.7commit 2d21ab4b18...Eike Hein7 months
v1.7-rc1commit 3c0e494b71...Eike Hein8 months
v1.6.2commit bd0add0e9f...Eike Hein16 months
v1.6.1commit d5d93bab2c...Eike Hein16 months
v1.6commit 1099ee620e...Eike Hein3 years
v1.6-beta1commit a0a506031d...Eike Hein3 years
AgeCommit messageAuthor
9 daysGIT_SILENT made messages (after extraction)HEADmasterl10n daemon script
12 daysMerge branch '1.7'Eike Hein
12 daysAdjust for next dev cycle.Eike Hein
12 daysCleanup.v1.7.3Eike Hein
12 daysAdjust for release.Eike Hein
12 daysFlesh out changelog some more.Eike Hein
12 daysMerge branch '1.7'Eike Hein
12 daysMerge branch '1.6' into 1.7Eike Hein
12 daysMerge branch '1.5' into 1.61.6Eike Hein
12 daysUpdate changelog1.5Eike Hein