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Update manual for nofork and selecting non mono fonts
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-By default when started from a terminal, &konsole; will run in the background. Use <option>--nofork</option> to force &konsole; to run in the foreground.
+Starting with version 16.08 (August 2016), &konsole; no longer uses KDE4's KUniqueApplication and thus <option>--nofork</option> no longer exists.
-This is needed for some scripts and commands to work as expected:
- <itemizedlist mark='opencircle'>
- <listitem><para>
-<command>konsole --nofork -e sleep 3 ; echo 1</command>
- </para></listitem>
- <listitem><para>
-<command>kdesu -u kdeuser konsole --nofork</command>
- </para></listitem>
- </itemizedlist>
<para>Some fonts might be unavailable for usage in &konsole;, although they are available in other applications. That doesn't mean there is a bug in &konsole;. &konsole; requires monospaced fonts to provide the best visual result, so it asks &Qt; to only list monospaced fonts.</para>
-<para>If you are sure a font is really monospaced but unavailable in &konsole;, then please report the problem to <ulink url="">&Qt;</ulink>.</para>
+<para>Starting with version 16.08 (August 2016), &konsole; can be configured to allow selecting any font with the caveat that the display may not be correct.</para>