BranchCommit messageAuthorAge
Applications/14.12SVN_SILENT made messages (after extraction)l10n daemon script24 months
Applications/15.04SVN_SILENT made messages (after extraction)l10n daemon script22 months
Applications/15.08SVN_SILENT made messages (after extraction)l10n daemon script16 months
Applications/15.12rename appdata to match .desktop nameRex Dieter13 months
Applications/16.04Merge branch 'Applications/15.12'Rex Dieter13 months
Applications/16.08GIT_SILENT Upgrade KDE Applications version to 16.08.3.Albert Astals Cid3 months
Applications/16.12GIT_SILENT Upgrade KDE Applications version to 16.12.2.Albert Astals Cid2 weeks
KDE/4.13convert selection to ARGB32 format so that transparency mask worksMartin Koller3 years
KDE/4.14SVN_SILENT made messages (after extraction)l10n daemon script2 years
masterAdd setting for anti-aliased drawing; lots of code cleanupMartin Koller2 weeks
v16.12.2commit 3f3e640234...Albert Astals Cid11 days
v16.12.1commit 176d667e15...Albert Astals Cid6 weeks
v16.12.0commit 094dc2149c...Albert Astals Cid2 months
v16.11.90commit f1d98a5614...Albert Astals Cid3 months
v16.11.80commit 2ec5e7b30b...Albert Astals Cid3 months
v16.08.3commit d887488845...Albert Astals Cid3 months
v16.08.2commit 31fd32252b...Albert Astals Cid4 months
v16.08.1commit 9928c2ac5e...Albert Astals Cid5 months
v16.08.0commit 9c8834ddc8...Albert Astals Cid6 months
v16.07.90commit 23af6f6acc...Albert Astals Cid7 months
AgeCommit messageAuthor
2017-02-05Add setting for anti-aliased drawing; lots of code cleanupHEADmasterMartin Koller
2017-02-05remove unused includes, port away from klocale -> KLocalizedStringMartin Koller
2017-02-04When pasting an URL, check if it's a path to a local image file to loadMartin Koller
2017-01-28Merge branch 'master' of git:// Koller
2017-01-28Port away from KPrintPreviewMartin Koller
2017-01-26Are you sure want to → Are you sure you want toAdrián Chaves Fernández (Gallaecio)
2017-01-21for &kde; -> by &kde;Burkhard Lück
2016-12-20SVN_SILENT made messages (.desktop file) - always resolve oursl10n daemon script
2016-12-20GIT_SILENT made messages (after extraction)l10n daemon script
2016-12-04Merge branch 'Applications/16.12'Pino Toscano