BranchCommit messageAuthorAge
2.2Stop the clock when game finish.José Manuel Santamaría Lema6 years
2.3Avoid crash when trying to drag a piece for the first time.Miha Čančula5 years
2.4Rename the 'show legal moves' checkbox so that it's linked to KConfigMiha Čančula4 years
fics-konsoleChanges to FicsDialogMiha Čančula6 years
kdegames-portingMake 'Medium' the default difficulty levelMiha Čančula4 years
mastermake description translatableBurkhard Lück5 months
pgnRemove an assert than is false for strangely formatted (but correct) moves, a...Miha Čančula5 years
protocolsChange the game dialog and its caller to enable the two protocol modeMiha Čančula6 years
uciAdd missing files and license headersMiha Čančula5 years
voiceEnable moving pieces by clicking on them and then on the destination. Patch b...Miha Čančula6 years
v2.5.0commit 887387c69e...Miha Čančula4 years
v2.4.1commit 22610fc050...Miha Čančula5 years
v2.4.0commit ade6370b24...Miha Čančula5 years
v2.3.2commit 7656482542...Miha Čančula6 years
v2.2.0commit 5e0b5a2e3f...Miha6 years
AgeCommit messageAuthor
2016-07-01make description translatableHEADmasterBurkhard Lück
2016-04-03Reformatted the code and removed obsolete includes in move.h/cppAlexander Semke
2016-04-03When undoing pawn promotion, set the piese back to pawn.Alexander Semke
2016-04-03Fixed incorrect promotion.Alexander Semke
2016-04-01Don't notify twice about the game over.Alexander Semke
2016-03-30Correctly handle the double check symbol in the XBoard protocol.Alexander Semke
2016-03-30Correctly display the winner in the XBoard protocolAlexander Semke
2016-03-30In case of a checkmate, show the last move.Alexander Semke
2016-03-22fix compilation in gamemanagerManoharan Sundaramoorthy
2016-03-21Properly reset m_background to 0 if not having a backgroundAlbert Astals Cid