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Remove trash kcm docbook from kio-extras
the trash kcm docbook will be imported from kde-runtime master with history into frameworks/kio where the code is, see this docbook was imported into kio-extras with but why? REVIEW:129377
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-########### install files ###############
-kdoctools_create_handbook(index.docbook INSTALL_DESTINATION ${HTML_INSTALL_DIR}/en SUBDIR kcontrol/trash)
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-<?xml version="1.0" ?>
-<!DOCTYPE article PUBLIC "-//KDE//DTD DocBook XML V4.5-Based Variant V1.1//EN"
-"dtd/kdedbx45.dtd" [
- <!ENTITY % addindex "IGNORE">
- <!ENTITY % English "INCLUDE">
-<article id="trash" lang="&language;">
-<releaseinfo>&kde; 4.4</releaseinfo>
-This module allows you to configure the settings for the trash.
-<varlistentry><term><guilabel>Delete files older than</guilabel></term>
-Check this box to allow automatic deletion of files that are
-older than the value specified. Leave this disabled to <emphasis>not</emphasis>
-automatically delete any items after a certain timespan.
-Set the number of days that files can remain in the trash. Any files
-older than this will be automatically deleted.
-<varlistentry><term><guilabel>Limit to maximum size</guilabel></term>
-Check this box to limit the trash to the maximum amount of disk space
-that you specify below. Otherwise, it will be unlimited.
-<varlistentry><term><guilabel>Maximum size</guilabel></term>
-This is the maximum percent of disk space that will be used for the
-trash. The calculated amount of disk space that will be allowed for
-the trash is displayed right of the spinbox.
-<varlistentry><term><guilabel>When limit reached</guilabel></term>
-When the size limit is reached, the selected action will be performed,
-either the oldest or biggest files will be deleted automatically
-or you will be warned.