BranchCommit messageAuthorAge
3.0improve .desktop validityPino Toscano9 weeks
T3457-build_when_not_breezeMake Kexi build also if current icon theme != breezeJaroslaw Staniek14 months
breeze-icons-check-staniekCheck if GUI is available in the build environment and use that info for testsJaroslaw Staniek15 months
bugfix/T1311-qt5_add_binary_resource_for_qt_lt_5.5[T1311] - Conditional qt5_add_binary_resource for Qt >= 5.5Radoslaw Wicik21 months
masterTable designer: don't warn about non-existing table or query when lookup fiel...Jaroslaw Staniek2 weeks
migration-port-staniekMake the TSV migration driver work for importing dbJaroslaw Staniek15 months
3.0.2commit 12e093625e...Jaroslaw Staniek2 months
3.0.1commit ec256b8421...Jaroslaw Staniek7 months
3.0.0commit e43e8e4a9c...Jaroslaw Staniek13 months
2.99.91commit 6887691714...Jaroslaw Staniek13 months
2.99.90commit 140dd73cdb...Jaroslaw Staniek13 months
AgeCommit messageAuthor
2017-10-05Table designer: don't warn about non-existing table or query when lookup fiel...HEADmasterJaroslaw Staniek
2017-09-29Update KRScriptFunctions for KDbNativeStatementBuilder API change 3.1.0Jaroslaw Staniek
2017-09-29Update for KDbNativeStatementBuilder API change 3.1.0Jaroslaw Staniek
2017-09-26Reports: Remove no longer necessary "Set Data" button from the data source tabJaroslaw Staniek
2017-09-26Remove traces of "external data" support for Reports, this is not supported s...Jaroslaw Staniek
2017-09-25Reports now keep information about type of data data source (table or query)....Jaroslaw Staniek
2017-09-25TRIVIAL Reports: sourceData -> dataSourceJaroslaw Staniek
2017-09-25Update for the recent KReport 3.1 API change (setDataSource)Jaroslaw Staniek
2017-09-25Don't use empty space by object tabs (like in web browsers)Jaroslaw Staniek
2017-09-25GIT_SILENT Use KStandardGuiItem moreJaroslaw Staniek