BranchCommit messageAuthorAge
kf5Add a cmake config file for kdewin-tools.Ralf Habacker3 years
masterMingw32 compile fix.Ralf Habacker6 days
mingw-crt-3fixPatrick von Reth4 years
v0.5.11commit 99097f4512...Ralf Habacker22 months
v0.5.10commit 3977b14df2...Ralf Habacker22 months
v0.5.9commit b256017d85...Ralf Habacker22 months
v0.5.8commit 9c9e2270a1...Ralf Habacker3 years
v0.5.7commit 78777f120b...Ralf Habacker3 years
v0.5.6commit f26bb8355b...Patrick Spendrin4 years
v0.3.9commit fc116df1dc...Christian Ehrlicher8 years
AgeCommit messageAuthor
6 daysMingw32 compile fix.HEADmasterRalf Habacker
7 daysKDEWin tools has been moved out to kdewin-tools git repo.Ralf Habacker
2017-01-25Fix localtime_r and gmtime_r compile issue in client packages.Ralf Habacker
2015-11-11Make png2ico optionalHannah von Reth
2015-10-10Include right header for utime.h.Gleb Popov
2015-09-21Define _POSIX_C_SOURCE in ming/include/time.h if we build with KDEWIN_NO_LOCA...Patrick von Reth
2015-08-23MSVC2015: Define tzname/tzsetKevin Funk
2015-08-22Follow-up commit to the previous one.Gleb Popov
2015-08-21Fix build with MSVC 2015Gleb Popov
2015-08-05Update version to 0.5.11.v0.5.11Ralf Habacker