BranchCommit messageAuthorAge
branch-1.15Bump version to 1.15.1Michael Pyne5 years
fix-recursingGIT_SILENT: Bump version for future changes.Michael Pyne4 years
kde-3.5Andre removed the MakefileStephan Kulow11 years
kdeStructureMerge branch 'master' into kdeStructureÀlex Fiestas4 years
kill_proj_xmlMerge remote-tracking branch 'origin/master' into kill_proj_xmlMichael Pyne8 months
masterShow git version in --version if running kdesrc-build from git.Michael Pyne13 days
modularizeMerge branch 'master' into modularizeMichael Pyne5 years
new-projects-apiprojects-api: Add method to retrieve repo information; refactor.Michael Pyne17 months
option-handling-fixesFix bugs in option application to module-set modules.Michael Pyne4 years
xml-supportMake unknown command-line modules an error.Michael Pyne7 years
v17.08commit 613b973e0e...Michael Pyne7 weeks
v16.10commit f187eaf9ff...Michael Pyne11 months
v16.05commit 01454acd26...Michael Pyne17 months
v15.12commit 68a5b27f4b...Michael Pyne21 months
v15.10commit 5f88689d4b...Michael Pyne23 months
v15.08commit 8f342c8211...Michael Pyne2 years
v15.05commit 16709bf50a...Michael Pyne2 years
v15.04commit 1641b1d09e...Michael Pyne2 years
v1.16commit a6f09a33a1...Michael Pyne3 years
v1.15.1commit 5dc6f7aefb...Michael Pyne5 years
AgeCommit messageAuthor
13 daysShow git version in --version if running kdesrc-build from git.HEADmasterMichael Pyne
13 daysBump copyright year, better late than never.Michael Pyne
2017-08-22git: Keep the tags up to date at initial clone and after.Michael Pyne
2017-08-06Quiet --pretend output further.Michael Pyne
2017-08-06Reduce importance of qtdir option, default to ''.Michael Pyne
2017-08-02Allow repeated ignore-modules decls.v17.08Michael Pyne
2017-08-01Blacklist plasma-browser-integrationEike Hein
2017-08-01Re-fix my module search path fixup.Michael Pyne
2017-07-31Remove last mentions of, to repair make installDavid Faure
2017-07-30Merge branch 'streamline-drivers'Michael Pyne