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Fix entity install-intro.docbook with wrong link
remove usage of entity &package; kde does only release single application tarballs (with a few exceptions like calligra, kdepim, kdewebdev) &kde-ftp; and &FTP; are gone you can get source tarballs afaik only via see also corresponding commmit in frameworks/doctools and RR
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diff --git a/kdoctools/customization/en/entities/install-intro.docbook b/kdoctools/customization/en/entities/install-intro.docbook
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--- a/kdoctools/customization/en/entities/install-intro.docbook
+++ b/kdoctools/customization/en/entities/install-intro.docbook
@@ -1,6 +1,6 @@
-<!-- requires that packagename is defined in the documentation prologue
+<!-- requires that kappname is defined in the documentation prologue
<para>&kappname; is part of the &kde; project &kde-http;.</para>
-<para>&kappname; can be found in the &package; package on &kde-ftp;,
-the main &FTP; site of the &kde; project.</para>
+<para>&kappname; can be found on the <ulink url="">
+download site</ulink> of the &kde; project.</para>