BranchCommit messageAuthorAge
KDE/3.4This commit was manufactured by cvs2svn to create branchnobody15 years
KDE/3.5branching of 3.5 and arts 1.5 Stephan Kulow14 years
KDE/4.0Creating KDE 4.0 branchDirk Mueller12 years
KDE/4.1Branching of KDE 4.1Dirk Mueller11 years
KDE/4.2branching KDE 4.2Dirk Mueller11 years
KDE/4.3branching KDE 4.3 for RC1Dirk Mueller10 years
KDE/4.4creating KDE 4.4 branch based on KDE 4.4 RC1 tagDirk Mueller10 years
KDE/4.5branching off KDE 4.5Dirk Mueller9 years
KDE/4.6Creating a KDE 4.6 branch Dirk Mueller9 years
masterRetrn after project(), this CMakeLists doesn't do anythingÀlex Fiestas6 years
v4.6.0commit aa5761ff5f...Dirk Mueller9 years
v4.5.95commit 6cecf9c737...Dirk Mueller9 years
v4.5.5commit c23c2f7ece...Dirk Mueller9 years
v4.5.90commit 41c6683cd9...Dirk Mueller9 years
v4.5.85commit bc8d094bc7...Dirk Mueller9 years
v4.5.4commit 6f5676f661...Dirk Mueller9 years
v4.5.80commit d9878e9638...Dirk Mueller9 years
v4.5.3-testcommit 98f0ff83d5...Dirk Mueller9 years
v4.5.3commit e5dbe298c1...Dirk Mueller9 years
v4.5.2commit f3d8cc398a...Dirk Mueller9 years
AgeCommit messageAuthor
2013-12-27Retrn after project(), this CMakeLists doesn't do anythingHEADmasterÀlex Fiestas
2011-09-28Exclude libs/libkdcraw/libraw from krazy2 checks.Michael Georg Hansen
2011-05-31Some cleanupAlex Neundorf
2011-02-24Clean upLaurent Montel
2011-02-23SVN_SILENT ksane moved to gitChristoph Feck
2011-02-22cleanup (need by kamera which moved to git)Laurent Montel
2011-02-22CleanupLaurent Montel
2011-02-21moved to gitMathias Soeken
2011-02-21Was moved to git Laurent Montel
2011-02-21Was moved to gitLaurent Montel