BranchCommit messageAuthorAge
Applications/14.12SVN_SILENT made messages (.desktop file)l10n daemon script24 months
Applications/15.04SVN_SILENT made messages (.desktop file)l10n daemon script20 months
Applications/15.08Correctly restore view config of all split viewsDominik Haumann8 months
Applications/15.12Fix crash in tab switcher plugin when using split viewsDominik Haumann6 months
Applications/16.04Fix crash in tab switcher plugin when using split viewsDominik Haumann6 months
Applications/16.08Fix: Kate crashes when trying to drag tabs between windowsDominik Haumann3 months
Applications/16.12[project plugin] Clarify foxus proxiesAnthony Fieroni2 weeks
KDE/4.12KateHighlighting is expected to always have at least one default KateHlContex...Christoph Cullmann2 years
KDE/4.14allow alerts in commentsAlex Turbov3 months
masterS&R: First go-to-next goes to first match after cursor-matchlenKåre Särs28 hours
v16.12.2commit 924e7a38f9...Albert Astals Cid11 days
v16.12.1commit 43192b4580...Albert Astals Cid6 weeks
v16.12.0commit 5e3cbe3b2f...Albert Astals Cid2 months
v16.11.90commit 04a9ba13eb...Albert Astals Cid3 months
v16.11.80commit c61a4f2703...Albert Astals Cid3 months
v16.08.3commit c5e60cbbae...Albert Astals Cid3 months
v16.08.2commit f345d3acf8...Albert Astals Cid4 months
v16.08.1commit ad1fb0cf6d...Albert Astals Cid5 months
v16.08.0commit 030fb09ccf...Albert Astals Cid6 months
v16.07.90commit 7f6e508d50...Albert Astals Cid7 months
AgeCommit messageAuthor
28 hoursS&R: First go-to-next goes to first match after cursor-matchlenHEADmasterKåre Särs
29 hoursS&R: Add warning about interrupted search-as-you-typeKåre Särs
30 hoursS&R: Add the search in new tab action to a Edit-sub-menuKåre Särs
31 hoursS&R: Fix select-all from openSearchView in searchWhileTypingKåre Särs
31 hoursS&R: Keep the focus in the search-combo if not moved manually.Kåre Särs
34 hoursS&R: Revert the search cacheKåre Särs
2 daysfix spelling: Kwrite => KWriteChristoph Cullmann
3 daysDisallow executing kate and kwrite as root on LinuxMartin Gräßlin
4 daysS&R: Fix cursor position problem in search-as-you-typeKåre Särs
5 daysS&R: Disable buttons that should be disabled while searchingKåre Särs