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masteri18n: fix few issuesPino Toscano6 years
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2011-06-16i18n: fix few issuesHEADmasterPino Toscano
2011-06-16i18n: remove .pot and translationsPino Toscano
2011-06-16i18n: remove the old messages.shPino Toscano
2011-06-16i18n: add a much simplier Messages.shPino Toscano
2011-05-09- updated the default export variablesStéphane Laurière
2011-05-09- updated the default template for exportStéphane Laurière
2011-05-09- commented out the export actionStéphane Laurière
2011-05-09- added image extraction handlerStéphane Laurière
2011-05-06set some default values for not breaking Transifex export when the team is no...Jean-Philippe Braun
2011-04-28Updated Slovenian translationjure Repinc