BranchCommit messageAuthorAge
masterDetect inotify.Adriaan de Groot5 days
win-temptemporary workaround for bug Spendrin5 years
v5.31.0tag 817af0cb2f...l10n daemon script9 days
v5.31.0-rc1commit 66a7d95e6d...l10n daemon script2 weeks
v5.30.0tag 4d6f91f8fd...l10n daemon script5 weeks
v5.30.0-rc2commit 9de6d0c3b6...l10n daemon script6 weeks
v5.30.0-rc1commit 9de6d0c3b6...l10n daemon script6 weeks
v5.29.0tag 1c59dc9c44...l10n daemon script2 months
v5.29.0-rc1commit e630aa9854...l10n daemon script3 months
v5.28.0tag facae570ba...l10n daemon script3 months
v5.28.0-rc3commit 44aa96c436...l10n daemon script3 months
v5.28.0-rc2commit 5f2dd74fe4...l10n daemon script3 months
AgeCommit messageAuthor
5 daysDetect inotify.HEADmasterAdriaan de Groot
9 daysUpgrade ECM version to 5.32.0.l10n daemon script
2017-02-05Revert "Automatically mark classes with pure virtual functions as /Abstract/."Stephen Kelly
2017-02-04Bindings: Remove unused memberv5.31.0-rc1v5.31.0Stephen Kelly
2017-02-04Automatically mark classes with pure virtual functions as /Abstract/.Shaheed Haque
2017-02-04Bindings: Take account of visibility of classesShaheed Haque
2017-02-04Bindings: Take account of visibility attribute on APIsShaheed Haque
2017-02-04Bindings: Generalize the skippable_attribute methodStephen Kelly
2017-02-04Bindings: Remove unused methodStephen Kelly
2017-02-04Bindings: Add an end marker to the regex patternShaheed Haque