BranchCommit messageAuthorAge
development/garbagecollectionForgot to add two files.Mario Frank8 months
development/hupnpfix not updated local KXmlGui fileMaik Qualmann4 weeks
development/photolayoutseditoraddd photolayoutseditor tool port to Qt5 to a dedicated branch from digiKam coreGilles Caulier2 months
gsoc16-mysqlAdd separatorsSwati Lodha17 months
gsoc16-red-eyefixing the warning under windows in fullobjectdetection fileOmar Amin14 months
gsoc17-db-sepMerge branch 'master' into gsoc17-db-sepGilles Caulier8 weeks
gsoc17-dlnaMerge branch 'master' into gsoc17-dlnaMohamed Anwer7 weeks
gsoc17-face-mngmntmerge conflictsYingjie Liu8 weeks
gsoc17-healingMerge branch 'master' into gsoc17-healingMohamed Anwer7 weeks
masterstart to use md syntax in readmeGilles Caulier23 hours
v5.7.0commit 1faeca5ae9...Nicolas Lécureuil8 weeks
v5.6.0commit de4641e97d...Nicolas Lécureuil4 months
v5.5.0commit 328fe567bb...Nicolas Lécureuil7 months
v5.4.0commit b89cc4a0d1...Nicolas Lécureuil9 months
v5.3.0commit 7732d39f34...Nicolas Lécureuil12 months
v5.2.0commit 59906c4b40...Nicolas Lécureuil13 months
v5.1.0commit bfb369853a...Nicolas Lécureuil15 months
v5.0.0commit a4a1841ec9...Nicolas Lécureuil16 months
v5.0.0-beta5commit d37aec38b7...Nicolas Lécureuil18 months
v5.0.0-beta4commit 07f09f47cb...Nicolas Lécureuil20 months
AgeCommit messageAuthor
23 hoursstart to use md syntax in readmeHEADmasterGilles Caulier
31 hoursGIT_SILENT made messages (after extraction)l10n daemon script
35 hoursupdateGilles Caulier
41 hoursupdateMaik Qualmann
41 hoursupdateGilles Caulier
41 hoursupdateGilles Caulier
3 daysuse external system web browser, Webkit is too old for the map servicesMaik Qualmann
5 daysdelete editor tool before tool settingsMaik Qualmann
5 daysSVN_SILENT made messages (.desktop file) - always resolve oursl10n daemon script
6 dayspolishMaik Qualmann