BranchCommit messageAuthorAge
cmake_cleanupMerge branch 'frameworks' into cmake_cleanupVeaceslav Munteanu18 months
development/gsoc2013-localadjMerge branch 'master' into localadjVeaceslav Munteanu2 years
development/gsoc2014-kipibqmBug Solved.Shourya Singh Gupta22 months
frameworksimplement assynchronous previewGilles Caulier14 months
gsco2015-advmetadatadigiKam 5.0 : another step to reduce KDE dependency. KDE tips of day replaced...Gilles Caulier18 months
gsoc15-kio-dropRemoving kiosalves folder completely + const + polishMohamed Anwer17 months
gsoc16-mysqlAdd separatorsSwati Lodha6 months
gsoc16-red-eyefixing the warning under windows in fullobjectdetection fileOmar Amin4 months
gsoc2015-advmetadatafix release dateGilles Caulier15 months
masterbe compilatible with Qt < 5.6Gilles Caulier22 hours
v5.3.0commit 7732d39f34...Nicolas Lécureuil4 weeks
v5.2.0commit 59906c4b40...Nicolas Lécureuil3 months
v5.1.0commit bfb369853a...Nicolas Lécureuil4 months
v5.0.0commit a4a1841ec9...Nicolas Lécureuil5 months
v5.0.0-beta5commit d37aec38b7...Nicolas Lécureuil8 months
v5.0.0-beta4commit 07f09f47cb...Nicolas Lécureuil9 months
v5.0.0-beta3commit 7914fbff98...Nicolas Lécureuil11 months
v5.0.0-beta2commit 3a01c64b1f...Nicolas Lécureuil12 months
v5.0.0beta1commit 3582df9a92...Nicolas Lécureuil13 months
v4.14.0commit fc60e0c2af...Nicolas Lécureuil14 months
AgeCommit messageAuthor
22 hoursbe compilatible with Qt < 5.6HEADmasterGilles Caulier
38 hoursremove workaround for MySQL-5.7Maik Qualmann
48 hoursApply patch #101823 to make listDateRange() MYSQL 5.7 compliantGilles Caulier
4 daysreplace possible slashes in db and meta options from the renaming toolMaik Qualmann
4 daysadd check for correct IPTC namespaceMaik Qualmann
5 daysadd initial sorting of the tags from the reverse geocodingMaik Qualmann
5 daysupdateGilles Caulier
5 daysupdateGilles Caulier
6 daysenable import button on toolbar when action is availableMaik Qualmann
6 dayspolish debugMaik Qualmann