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mastershow about page in PKG installerGilles Caulier5 hours
v3.2.0-beta1commit a24e8799f4...Nicolas L├ęcureuil5 years
AgeCommit messageAuthor
5 hoursshow about page in PKG installerHEADmasterGilles Caulier
5 hoursfo not copy releasenoteGilles Caulier
9 hours- Show release notes to into installer page, not in separate web browser.Gilles Caulier
16 hoursUse new Packages V2.0 in Distribution mode to build MacOS PKG installer.Gilles Caulier
22 hoursupdate Packages project file with 1.2.0 release.Gilles Caulier
27 hoursdisable relocation for the momentGilles Caulier
8 daysFirst stage to fix the relative path registration of MAcOS bundle to be insta...Gilles Caulier
12 dayspolishGilles Caulier
13 daysremove older lockedlist NSIS plugin which crash under Windows 10 and use new ...Gilles Caulier
13 daysupdateGilles Caulier