BranchCommit messageAuthorAge
koffice/2.2SVN_SILENT made messages (.desktop file)Script Kiddy7 years
koffice/2.3fix web adressSven Langkamp7 years
koffice/abstractionworking abstraction with freoffice portedJarosław Staniek7 years
koffice/budapestFix for crashes due to copyshape being left around when "mother"/originalCasper Boemann7 years
koffice/change-trackingFixing a bug in saving of delete changes which would result in a un-balanced ...Ganesh Paramasivam7 years
koffice/isi2010Remove import of css file, only zip file for styleBenjamin Port8 years
koffice/ko * fix bad hardcoded loaded style.Jean-Nicolas Artaud7 years
koffice/odfanchorsFurther work on the vertical alignmentsCasper Boemann7 years
koffice/oldtrunkthe C++ standards mandates eol here. Fixes build with sun studioPavel Heimlich7 years
masterRemove unwanted kDebug()'sInge Wallin7 years
v2.2.91commit 3f2d36fbab...Cyrille Berger7 years
v2.2.84commit 295be7d9af...Cyrille Berger7 years
v2.2.83commit 4b3760fd49...Cyrille Berger7 years
v2.2.82commit 188041340d...Cyrille Berger7 years
v2.2.81commit 01d20aaf76...Cyrille Berger7 years
v2.2.2commit d6acf4d05e...Cyrille Berger7 years
v2.2.1commit 061fca1e3a...Cyrille Berger7 years
v2.2.0commit e7e9a43ea7...Cyrille Berger7 years
v2.1.91commit 2c4a97e377...Cyrille Berger8 years
v2.1.82commit 2252e628e6...Cyrille Berger8 years
AgeCommit messageAuthor
2010-12-05Remove unwanted kDebug()'sHEADmasterInge Wallin
2010-12-05Fix bug 239560: kpresenter:msoffice2007:Embedded ppt is not displayed in Kpre...Inge Wallin
2010-12-05Fix Bug 239820 - kpresenter:openoffice:kpresenter is not displaying the inse...Thorsten Zachmann
2010-12-05write alignment properties for as-char anchorsCasper Boemann
2010-12-05Make sure we alwas have the correct parentCasper Boemann
2010-12-05Make sure the line height is calculated correctly after we have undone linesCasper Boemann
2010-12-05table row backgrounds implemented in layoutPavol Korinek
2010-12-05CostBreakdownItemModel and ChartItemModel: Update calculations when resource ...Dag Andersen
2010-12-05Fix Bug 249485 - kword:msoffice2003:Text in the attached document is displayi...Thorsten Zachmann
2010-12-05Change qMin to qMax.Carlos Licea