BranchCommit messageAuthorAge
consolidateDefaultPageSizeflattent the paths used to delete previewsAaron Seigo5 years
kokeroulis/test/purchaseAdd a test for puchasing an assetAntonis Tsiapaliokas5 years
mart/distributorRequestInPartnerListuse a trinary stateMarco Martin4 years
mart/obsmanagerremove the functions dependent from a json descriptorMarco Martin5 years
mastermigrate to new validator apiMarco Martin3 years
terietor/dblinkuncomment the if blockGiorgos Tsiapaliokas5 years
terietor/forum/api* jshint fixesGiorgos Tsiapaliokas5 years
terietor/ratingsclean up ratings.sqlGiorgos Tsiapaliokas5 years
terietor/ratings2before the testdata clear the tablesGiorgos Tsiapaliokas5 years
v0.1missig semicolonsAaron Seigo4 years
AgeCommit messageAuthor
2015-10-08migrate to new validator apiHEADmasterMarco Martin
2015-08-19update cmake_min_req to match kdelibs4 and enable newer policies, so that cma...David Faure
2015-03-26Set validator package to just before api change.Jeremy Whiting
2015-03-03Fix 404 result for all api calls.Jeremy Whiting
2015-02-13warnings--Jeremy Whiting
2014-12-17Fix typoJeremy Whiting
2014-11-27Fix typos in readme files.Jeremy Whiting
2014-11-27bump the required express versionAaron Seigo
2014-11-27make it start againAaron Seigo
2014-11-25add express-session dependencyMarco Martin