BranchCommit messageAuthorAge
KF5-portAdd back filelistengine, medialistsengine & savedlistengine sans Nepomuk.Andrew Lake3 years
QMLadd rating and rating reflection + resize to fit window for QML now playing.Andrew Lake6 years
masterremove obsolete X-Ubuntu-Gettext-Domain keyPino Toscano7 months
2.1commit 83413c7d14...Andrew Lake6 years
2.1betacommit 948ff0b3c3...Andrew Lake6 years
2.0.1commit 6fbbabfe57...Andrew Lake7 years
2.0commit b7ca268875...Andrew Lake7 years
2.0RCcommit 56b5ef7b55...Andrew Lake7 years
2.0betacommit e0698584cd...Andrew Lake7 years
2.0alphacommit ea98353e1b...Andrew Lake8 years
1.0commit de955ddd3c...Andrew Lake8 years
1.0RCcommit 842938b2e8...Andrew Lake8 years
1.0beta3commit 3f2b671178...Andrew Lake8 years
AgeCommit messageAuthor
2017-08-13remove obsolete X-Ubuntu-Gettext-Domain keyHEADmasterPino Toscano
2015-04-03SVN_SILENT made messages (.desktop file) - always resolve oursl10n daemon script
2014-12-16Added MediaItem artwork property, more constructorsStefan Burnicki
2014-12-16Renamed old MediaItem to OldMediaItemStefan Burnicki
2014-12-16Added new MediaItem and MediaUri classesStefan Burnicki
2014-12-11Fix the phonon library reference and ensure that the phonon includes are foun...Raymond Wooninck
2014-12-11KF5, QT5 platform built with three listengines enabled.Eshton Robateau
2014-12-11base port of listengines and mediaitemmodelEshton Robateau
2014-11-03Simple new build files, main file.Stefan Burnicki
2014-10-31Moved old project to legacy to make room for the fresh startStefan Burnicki