BranchCommit messageAuthorAge
KDE/4.14baloofiles was missing the EXPORT that other libs haveDavid Faure16 months
extractor_protocoladapt the test to the new realitiesAaron Seigo3 years
fileTime_tBugtime_t bugVishesh Handa4 years
luceneFileSearchStoreTest wipPinak Ahuja3 years
masterConsider markdown files to be DocumentsVishesh Handa5 days
pinak/monitorListViewAdd indexer state as a ListView in the monitorPinak Ahuja2 years
positionDBAdd various iters and fetchTermsStartingWith to PositionDBPinak Ahuja2 years
vendor/intevation/4.14Delay initial indexing start by one secondDaniel Vrátil11 months
v5.38.0tag bb4ddf39c9...l10n daemon script12 days
v5.38.0-rc1commit 71abcac4c2...l10n daemon script3 weeks
v5.37.0tag 91b55bb098...l10n daemon script5 weeks
v5.37.0-rc1commit 20c38737cd...l10n daemon script6 weeks
v5.36.0tag c94340db4d...l10n daemon script2 months
v5.36.0-rc1commit e7c039594d...l10n daemon script3 months
v5.35.0tag aafe0fec6d...l10n daemon script3 months
v5.35.0-rc1commit 2074c0dfcf...l10n daemon script4 months
v5.34.0tag 18aa45a662...l10n daemon script4 months
v5.34.0-rc1commit d13db261a0...l10n daemon script5 months
AgeCommit messageAuthor
5 daysConsider markdown files to be DocumentsHEADmasterVishesh Handa
12 daysGIT_SILENT Upgrade KF5 version to 5.39.0.l10n daemon script
2017-09-02GIT_SILENT Upgrade ECM and KF5 version requirements for 5.38.0 release.l10n daemon script
2017-09-02GIT_SILENT Upgrade KF5 version to 5.38.0.l10n daemon script
2017-08-23Avoid useless copies from it.next(), add constChristian Ehrlicher
2017-08-23Remove useless includesChristian Ehrlicher
2017-08-09Fix directory based search.Weng Xuetian
2017-08-06GIT_SILENT Upgrade ECM and KF5 version requirements for 5.37.0 release.l10n daemon script
2017-08-06GIT_SILENT Upgrade Qt5 version requirement to 5.7.0.l10n daemon script
2017-08-06SVN_SILENT made messages (.desktop file) - always resolve oursl10n daemon script