BranchCommit messageAuthorAge
mastercmake 2.8.9 sets CMP0003 to NEW -> clean upDavid Faure2 years
no-qtthere was a reason for this indirection ;-) (fix generation of kssld/kssldint...Patrick Spendrin6 years
v0.9.88commit afddb64aa0...Alexander Neundorf9 years
v0.9.87commit 94fa25e301...Matthias Kretz9 years
v0.9.84commit cb95bf85da...Alexander Neundorf9 years
AgeCommit messageAuthor
2015-07-27cmake 2.8.9 sets CMP0003 to NEW -> clean upHEADmasterDavid Faure
2015-07-27set cmake_min_req to enable newer policiesDavid Faure
2015-07-19Don't attempt to add dependencies which do not exist.Stephen Kelly
2015-07-19Don't attempt to read the DEFINITIONS property.Stephen Kelly
2011-06-16Fix missing include dirs (current source and build dir) when moc is run.David Faure
2011-02-16AutoMoc::lazyInit() expects the app to get 6 parameter but run() only checks ...Michael Jansen
2010-11-08add some changes to build automoc staticallyPatrick Spendrin
2010-06-25Fix cmake_policy callChristoph Feck
2010-06-24-allow duplicate target names also in the automoc macros, to make the modules...Alexander Neundorf
2010-06-23-add cmake_policy(PUSH|POP) to save and restore the original cmake policy set...Alexander Neundorf