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authorRagnar Thomsen <>2016-10-08 09:03:07 (GMT)
committerRagnar Thomsen <>2016-10-08 09:11:22 (GMT)
commitf45e9e69c89f5aea2cbb70baaeea168643434c7c (patch)
parent2642a1eb0ac29ce2929cd5ad89532b4338961410 (diff)
Fix KMessageWidget not disappearing after adding files
When creating a new archive a KMessageWidget is shown with the text: "The archive <name> will be created as soon as you add a file." This widget should be hidden as soon as the user adds a file. This is already fixed in Applications/16.08 branch and also was previously in master (commit 50f0cbb42dd2), but somehow got reverted in the merge in commit 7eb3304db549.
1 files changed, 5 insertions, 5 deletions
diff --git a/part/part.cpp b/part/part.cpp
index 878ff38..85df0d4 100644
--- a/part/part.cpp
+++ b/part/part.cpp
@@ -1696,11 +1696,11 @@ void Part::slotShowContextMenu()
void Part::displayMsgWidget(KMessageWidget::MessageType type, const QString& msg)
- KMessageWidget *msgWidget = new KMessageWidget();
- msgWidget->setText(msg);
- msgWidget->setMessageType(type);
- m_vlayout->insertWidget(0, msgWidget);
- msgWidget->animatedShow();
+ // The widget could be already visible, so hide it.
+ m_messageWidget->hide();
+ m_messageWidget->setText(msg);
+ m_messageWidget->setMessageType(type);
+ m_messageWidget->animatedShow();
} // namespace Ark