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Update Ark documentation to 16.08
man page proofread, bump date + releaseinfo, add "See Also" with info about more qt + kf5 options handbook proofread, bump date + releaseinfo add features integrity test, compression and multi-volume update / add screenshot content + pngs from REVIEW:128645
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<releaseinfo>Applications 16.08</releaseinfo>
@@ -73,7 +73,8 @@ archives.
<command>tar</command>, <command>gzip</command>,
<command>bzip2</command>, <command>zip</command>, <command>rar</command>,
<command>7zip</command>, <command>xz</command>, <command>rpm</command>,
-<command>cab</command> and <command>deb</command> (support for certain archive formats depends on
+<command>cab</command>, <command>deb</command>, <command>xar</command>
+and <command>AppImage</command> (support for certain archive formats depends on
the appropriate command-line programs being installed).</para>
@@ -120,6 +121,10 @@ For example, you can save the archive with a different name using <guimenuitem>S
Archive properties such as type, size and MD5 hash can be viewed using the
<guimenuitem>Properties</guimenuitem> item.</para>
+<para>&ark; has the ability to test archives for integrity. This functionality is currently available for
+<command>zip</command>, <command>rar</command> and <command>7z</command> archives.
+The test action can be found in the <guimenu>Archive</guimenu> menu.</para>
<sect2 id="ark-archive-comments">
@@ -262,11 +267,20 @@ archive.</para>
<guimenuitem>New</guimenuitem> (<keycombo action="simul">&Ctrl;<keycap>N</keycap></keycombo>)
from the <guimenu>Archive</guimenu> menu.</para>
+<imagedata fileref="create-archive.png" format="PNG"/>
+<phrase>Create an archive</phrase>
<para>You can then type the name of the archive, with the appropriate
extension (<literal role="extension">tar.gz</literal>, <literal
role="extension">zip</literal>, <literal role="extension">7z</literal>,
&etc;) or select a supported format in the <guilabel>Filter</guilabel> combo box
-and check the <guilabel>Automatically select filename extension</guilabel> option.</para>
+and check the <guilabel>Automatically add <replaceable>filename extension</replaceable></guilabel> option.</para>
<para>To add files or folders to the new archive, choose <guimenuitem>Add
File...</guimenuitem> or <guimenuitem>Add
@@ -277,6 +291,17 @@ from e.g. &dolphin; into the main &ark; window, and it will
be added to the current archive. Note that files added in this way will always be added
to the root directory of the archive.</para>
+<para>Additional options are presented in collapsible groups at the bottom of the dialog.
+<sect2 id="ark-compression">
+<para>A higher value generates smaller archives, but results in longer compression and decompression times.
+The default compression level proposed by &ark; is usually a good compromise between size and (de)compression speed.
+For most formats the minimum compression level is equivalent to just storing the files, &ie; applying no compression.
<sect2 id="ark-password-protection">
<title>Password Protection</title>
<para>If you create a <literal role="extension">zip</literal>, <literal
@@ -297,8 +322,28 @@ This is called header encryption and is available only with the
<literal role="extension">rar</literal> and <literal role="extension">7zip</literal>
formats. Header encryption is enabled by default (when available), in order to offer
the maximum protection for novice users.</para>
+<sect2 id="ark-multi-volume">
+<title>Multi-volume Archive</title>
+<para>With the <literal role="extension">zip</literal>, <literal role="extension">rar</literal>
+and <literal role="extension">7z</literal> formats you can create multi-volume archives, also
+known as multi-part or split archives.</para>
+<para>A multi-volume archive is one big compressed archive split into several files. This feature
+is useful if the maximum file size is limited, &eg; by the capacity of a storage medium
+or the maximal size of an email with attachments.</para>
+<para>To create a multi-volume archive, check the <guilabel>Create multi-volume archive</guilabel>
+checkbox and set a maximum <guilabel>Volume size</guilabel> in the dialog. Then add all files to
+the archive and &ark; will automatically generate the required number of archive volumes.
+Depending on the selected format the files have an extension with consecutively numbering
+scheme &eg; <filename>xxx.7z.001</filename>, <filename>xxx.7z.002</filename> or
+<filename></filename>, <filename></filename> or <filename>xxx.part1.rar</filename>,
+<filename>xxx.part2.rar</filename> &etc;.</para>
+<para>To extract a multi-volume archive, put all archive files into one folder and open the file
+with the lowest extension number in &ark; and all other parts of the split archive
+will be opened automatically.</para>
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@@ -19,8 +19,8 @@
<contrib>Update of &ark; man page in 2015 and 2016.</contrib>
-<date>2016-03-19</date><!--Update only when changing/reviewing this man page-->
-<releaseinfo>16.04</releaseinfo><!--Update only when changing/reviewing this man page-->
+<date>2016-08-09</date><!--Update only when changing/reviewing this man page-->
+<releaseinfo>16.08</releaseinfo><!--Update only when changing/reviewing this man page-->
<productname>KDE Applications</productname>
@@ -50,7 +50,7 @@ file</replaceable></group>
<group choice="opt"><option>-d</option></group>
<group choice="opt"><option>-o</option> <replaceable>
-<arg choice="opt">&kde; Generic Options</arg>
+<arg choice="opt">&kf5; Generic Options</arg>
<arg choice="opt">&Qt; Generic Options</arg>
@@ -175,6 +175,19 @@ a subfolder by the name of the archive will be created.</para>
+<title>See Also</title>
+<member>More detailed user documentation is available from <ulink
+(either enter this &URL; into &konqueror;, or run