BranchCommit messageAuthorAge
alpha3Fix "Black screen"BogDan Vatra6 years
alpha4Switch back to 4.4.3BogDan Vatra5 years
beta2Add the possibility to call an Android/Qt application using Intents.BogDan Vatra5 years
integrationFix QuadruplorBogDan Vatra6 years
portsFix qmake being only x85_64 (is now fat i386/x86_64)Ray Donnelly5 years
ports-winAllow QtSharedMemory on win32-g++ buildsRay Donnelly5 years
remotes/origin/portsForce CFG_ICONV=gnu for MinGWRay Donnelly5 years
static_stlExtract stlBogDan Vatra5 years
unstableSwitch back to 4.4.3BogDan Vatra5 years
unstable_crossWindows qt tools cross compileBogDan Vatra5 years
n0.41commit d5ee4e8aee...BogDan Vatra5 years
n0.4commit c602249362...BogDan Vatra5 years
n0.34commit ca8814bae9...BogDan Vatra6 years
n0.33commit 3d7403fa15...BogDan Vatra6 years
n0.32commit aaec69815b...BogDan Vatra6 years
n0.31commit 1903ff363a...BogDan Vatra6 years
n0.3commit 68f338dcaa...BogDan Vatra6 years
n0.21commit e3796b2ce0...BogDan Vatra6 years
n0.2commit 5263cc97aa...BogDan Vatra6 years
v4.6.0-tp1commit c4c9b4457f...Jason McDonald8 years
AgeCommit messageAuthor
2011-11-12Strip the binary when builds for releaseHEADn0.31masterBogDan Vatra
2011-11-12Fix QtFeedback moduleBogDan Vatra
2011-11-09Set HOME and TEMP dir env variablesBogDan Vatra
2011-11-09Make the package name a little bit smallerBogDan Vatra
2011-11-02More translationsBogDan Vatra
2011-11-01Fix showFullScreenBogDan Vatra
2011-10-25Fix win32-g++ build (was disabling QPA)n0.3testingstableRay Donnelly
2011-10-25(Re)fix QDir::fromNativeSeparators for WindowsRay Donnelly
2011-10-24Add Android API 4,7 specific jar filesBogDan Vatra
2011-10-23Fix fontsBogDan Vatra