BranchCommit messageAuthorAge
Applications/18.04Fix RMB/"Update Folder" being disabled on favorite collectionDavid Faure15 months
Applications/18.08Backport missing files from master.Sandro Knauß8 weeks
Applications/18.12ItemSync: skip handling remote items if local changes failedDavid Faure2 months
Applications/19.04Fix compatibility with QMYSQL driver after 74aed95Daniel Vrátil3 months
Applications/19.08GIT_SILENT: Prepare 5.12.3Laurent Montel12 days
attribute-const-fixMake attribute getters truly const (and non-const)Daniel Vrátil7 months
dev/T7014Merge branch 'master' into dev/T7014Daniel Vrátil14 months
dev/agent-configurationAllow to enable/disable ok buttonLaurent Montel11 months
masterGIT_SILENT: Time to increase dependancy. Now we depend against new KF5 Contac...Laurent Montel8 days
querybuilder-nextFinalize query execution, query iterator and add a testDaniel Vrátil8 weeks
v19.08.2commit c8ac53b8ad...Christoph Feck12 days
v19.08.1commit bebfedd536...Christoph Feck7 weeks
v19.08.0commit 7ae93aea32...Christoph Feck2 months
v19.07.90commit 56bfde8814...Christoph Feck3 months
v19.07.80commit aba492dbcc...Albert Astals Cid3 months
v19.04.3commit c21bb5220a...Christoph Feck3 months
v19.04.2commit bfebf179c2...Christoph Feck5 months
v19.04.1commit ab5a4e9d5c...Christoph Feck5 months
v19.04.0commit 257598195d...Christoph Feck6 months
v19.03.90commit c9409b7ce0...Christoph Feck7 months
AgeCommit messageAuthor
8 daysGIT_SILENT: Time to increase dependancy. Now we depend against new KF5 Contac...HEADmasterLaurent Montel
12 daysfeat(akonadiserver): Add AppArmor profile for akonadiserverSandro Knauß
2019-10-06Fix minor typo: explicitely -> explicitlyYuri Chornoivan
2019-10-06Fix AkStandardDirs include header guardDaniel Vrátil
2019-10-05AkRanges: various cleanupsDaniel Vrátil
2019-10-05Fix minor typos and issues found by EBNYuri Chornoivan
2019-10-02Allow to show full version in appsLaurent Montel
2019-09-22GIT_SILENT: Time to increase dependancy. Use new macro for generating designe...Laurent Montel
2019-09-18Port to QElapsedTimerLaurent Montel
2019-09-13Link against KAccounts target rather than kacounts libraryDaniel Vrátil