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-// DOXYGEN_REFERENCES = kdecore kdeui kio
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+# Akonadi Mime
+Akonadi Mime is a library that effectively bridges the type-agnostic API of
+the Akonadi client libraries and the domain-specific KMime library. It provides
+jobs, models and other helpers to make working with emails through Akonadi easier.
+The most notable classes are "commands" to update email flags (like read, spam,
+etc.) or move it to trash and Akonadi::StandardMailActionManager which provides
+set of email-specific QActions.
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-description: Akonadi-Mime library
+maintainer: dvratil
+description: Akonadi Mime library
tier: 3
type: functional
@@ -12,3 +12,7 @@ libraries:
cmake: "KF5::AkonadiMime"
cmakename: KF5AkonadiMime
+public_lib: true
+group: kdepim
+ - name: Linux